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The Time became Flesh.


In the beginning was the Time And the Time was with God And the Time was God.


Time was with God in the beginning.


Through Time all things were made;


Without Time nothing was made that has been made.


In Time was life, and that life was the light of all Human kind.


The light shines in the darkness, And the darkness has not overcome it.


An intimate personal voyage, lifting the veil of nurture, an exploration into reality by deconstructing the conditioning society has placed within the conscious and unconscious mind from the moment of our existence.


This analytical process carries the associated risk that is termed by our society as insanity.


The removal of nurture may leave the individual so far beyond the accepted norms of society, society must reject the individual. The collective unconscious of society is motivated by its collective fear of facing its collective delusion of its own norms, which our society considers truth.


This is of course does not suggest that mental illness is not a real condition. A society, incapable of uncritical judgement of its own institutions, accepting manifestos without questioning. Enshrining laws from men talking to angels and flaming bushes, men who produce stone tablets from a mountain top, believing beyond doubt.


The music in the album “Time Became Flesh” carries many different emotions such as Joy, love, fun, hope, reverence, loss, betrayal, sadness, anger, trauma and fear of death.


It is left to the listener to extract the essence and nuances the sounds hold.


As with all art, it is perceived through the nurture of the participant.


This is a journey of understanding and realisation, of entering the unconscious, the deconstruction of nurture.



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